Jasmin Menez is a graphic designer and illustrator who firmly believes in making cool shit for cool people. Though she specializes in building brands and busting out meticulous illustrations, she dabbles in all facets of design and thrives on the intricacies of working with clients and turning their ideas into well-designed solutions. 
Jasmin initially pursued her Bachelor's degree in Chemistry and Physical Geography but soon after discovered she's handier in a studio than a lab. Couple her scientific starts with over a decade wearing many hats in the outdoor industry and you get her bold yet calculated approach to design and illustration (and a lot of work that revolves around the outdoor lifestyle and the astronaut she still longs to be). 
Creating authentic, interesting work cannot be done without living the same kind of way. When she's not creating, Jasmin runs, hikes, and explores around her Denver base all while getting into general shenanigans in her sitcom-style of a life.
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