Only 200 copies of Northern Buttey were produced, and all have been purchased. If you are North Dakota climber in search of a copy, please check with the NDSU Recreation Center or American Alpine Club library. 

Author: Dakota Walz | Creative Director / Designer / Publisher: Jasmin Menez | Lead Photographer: Matthew Eckelberg
North Dakota is the third flattest state in the U.S., so learning that rock climbing exists in the state is an anomaly in itself. We wanted the book's cover to convey the same sense of uniqueness. Instead of featuring a climber like guidebooks of more famous areas, we chose to feature the climbing lifestyle in harmony with the wild west ranching and farm life that dominates western North Dakota's countryside. 
Though only six chapters long, Northern Buttey packs enough punch for any climber to lose themselves in the buttes and boulders of North Dakota.
Detailed directions and custom-made maps help users navigate to the destinations.
The clean, modern design of the book supports the exciting, high-quality photos and beta all while keeping functionality as the highest priority.
Cheesin' over the first proof.

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